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I have a question about the content
I have problems registering, logging in, or with how the tool is displayed
I have a question about my data
The online tool isn’t displayed properly or is jumbled
It could be caused by your browser. Take a look at the list below, which lists the browsers that allow the online tool to run smoothly. The portal is programmed for the following browsers:
  • Safari (Version 10.1 and later)
  • Chrome (Version 70 or later)
  • Edge (Version 15 or later. It also runs on the new beta version 79)
  • Internet Explorer 11
  • Firefox (Version 63 or later)
  • Opera (Version 56 or later)
Operating systems (smartphones, iPads)
  • iOS10 and later
  • Android 4 and later
It could be caused by your cache (buffer cache). We recommend clearing your cache on a regular basis.
Tip: Google your browser and “clear cache” (e.g. “Safari clear cache”) and you will find simple instructions on how to clear your cache.
Nothing helps ? Contact us now!
I find the videos too small. Can I enlarge the videos?
Yes, you can enlarge the videos to the full size of your screen (full screen). To do this, click the little “full screen” button at the bottom right of the video.
I can’t register. Why is that?
Please use your company email address to register (not your private email address).
I can’t log in. Why is that?
Please note that your account needs to be activated using your personal confirmation link before you log in for the first time. You will have received the link from us by email after signing up. Please also check your spam folder for this email.
My problem isn’t listed here.
Can my company see how often I use the health portal and the integrated content (videos)?
No. No one at your company or anyone else of us can see how often you use the content or portal.
Can my company see my answers to the test?
No, neither your company nor anyone else of us can view your test answers.
Can my company see what I click in the online tool?
No, neither your company nor anyone else of us can track this.
Can my company view my result or what I enter in the pulse rate calculator?
No, neither your company nor anyone else of us can view this.
Do you have a question on data protection that isn’t answered here?
I have read and understood the data protection policy. Please note the specific data protection information that relates to contacting us.
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